5th International Conference. International Society for Equity in Health (ISEqH)

“Social and Societal Influences on Equity in Health”
Crete, Greece. June 2009.

  • “Health and Nutrition. Food Challenges and policy interventions in 25 years of democracy”
  • “Evaluating the Performance of An Innovative Public Health Insurance: The Case of a
    Decentralized Province in Argentina”
  • “Primary Health Care Centers: Radiography of their distribution in Argentina”
  • “Cancer of the rich and Cancer of the Poor? Cancer distribution in Argentine regions”
  • “Unequal Access to Clean Water and Sewers in Argentina”
  • “Third level of care in the Argentine Northeast”
  • “Public Funding for Health Research in Argentina”
  • “Southern Cone Public Funding for Health Research”
  • “Trends on Health Reforms in Middle Income Nations”
  • “Evaluating Primary Health Care in Argentina”
  • “Health Expenditure and Social Insurance in Argentina”
  • “Public Health Investment in Argentina”
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