The Health Systems Global Preconference for Central America was held

It was held on December 4 at the University of Costa Rica.

In collaboration with the Ministry of Health of Costa Rica, the University of Costa Rica, the Network of the Americas for Health Equity, CICES-UCR, INISA-UCR, CCP-UCR, the CEGSS and the Rafael Landívar University of Guatemala, the Social Security Fund of Panama and the Santander University of Panama held the 4th! Pre Conference for Central America.

The day featured 4 discussion panels on health systems and health policies in the region in view of the 7th Global Health Systems Global Symposium. Coordinated by the Ph.D. Daniel Maceira, the Pre-Conferences aim to exchange experiences on health policies and systems in our regions and promote the presentation of articles for the 7th Symposium to be held in Nagasaki, Japan.

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